Welcome to The New Hampshire Motorcyclists' Rights Organization

Welcome to The New Hampshire Motorcyclists' Rights Organization


August 19th Membership Appreciation Party!!

More info to be announce soon!

About Us


About Our Organization

 The New  Hampshire Motorcyclist Rights Organization (NHMRO) was founded in 1975 to fight the freedoms that were being systematically taken away.

NHMRO was incorporated as a non-profit organization, under the laws of the state of New Hampshire, and the internal revenue tax codes. Our sole purpose is to protect the rights  of ALL motorcyclists to choose how they ride and to maintain and peserve their freedoms as riders.


NHMRO welcomes ANY and ALL motorcyclists to be part of our organization, so that we may all protect our rights and freedoms, regardless of motorcycle preference, lifestyle or when and how we ride. We encourage all motorcyclists to register and actively participate in helping to elect candidates that are supportive of our beliefs.  


NHMRO supports the VOLUNTARY use of helmets, not mandatory laws.

Member Meetings

The Deerhead Sportsmens Club

Rte 28 Bypass

Hoosett, NH 03106

 Next General meetings will be  held on May 14th., at 1:30PM. We meet downstairs and during the meeting will be non-smoking. 

There will be a board meeting at 11:30AM.

Contact Us

Would you like to help us at events or just have an great idea? Please contact us!

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We love our members, so feel free to visit one of our general membership meetings.