The New Hampshire Motorcyclists’ Rights Organization (NHMRO) was founded in
February of 1975 by a group of men and women who felt that their way of life and
freedoms were being systematically taken away.

NHMRO was incorporated as a non-profit organization, under the laws of the State
of New Hampshire and the Internal Revenue tax codes, for the sole purpose of
restoring certain freedoms lost and retaining freedoms that had not yet been
tampered with through education.
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Ted Bantis Excavating
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the state of New Hampshire.  
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NHMRO recognizes the businesses that support us through various
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We ask that you consider these businesses when looking for their type of
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Manchester Harley Davidson
115 John E Devine Drive Manchester, NH
Northeast Motorcycle Expo & Kev-Marv Productions
Deerhead Sportsmen's Club
314 Londonderry Tkpe (Rt 28 bypass)
Hooksett, NH
Lafayette Press Inc.
455 Hayward St.
Manchester, NH 03103
Older Bikers Riding Club -Northern MA Chapter or
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393 US St. 9 Franklin Pierce Hwy - Barrington, NH
Artie's Electric
72 Chester Turnpike, Hooksett NH
HK PowerSports
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Lobster, Rt 106 Concord NH
NH HVAC Systems, Inc.

5 Eastpoint Drive, Unit 14
Hooksett, NH 03106

For members who would like to renew
their membership through postal mail,
send your name, membership number,
email and a check made out to NHMRO
for the appropriate amount;
$20/individual or $30/couple to:

PO Box 3151
Manchester, NH 03105-3151
PO Box 3151
Manchester, NH
Motorcycles of Manchester
98 Willow Street . Manchester NH .
2016 Toy Run
NHMRO would like to extend a
huge thank you to this year's toy
run sponsors.  
- Manchester Motorcycle Club
- Ted Bantis Trucking & Excavating
- Atlantic Upholstery
- Deerhead Sportsman's Club
- Manchester Auto Glass
- Superior Interior
- Mountain Men M/C
- Lafayette Press
- Best Septic, Inc.
- Graffittee Wear
- P. Moore "60"
- Diane Smith's Massage Therapy
- The Barber Shop, Manch. NH
- DBu Construction, Inc.
- The Getaway Lounge

If you are interested in becoming a
sponsor, please contact Betty -
603-490-0807 or
DEADLINE is 9/2/2016
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Get the facts,
then VOTE
As we head into the primary election
season, NHMRO would like to remind you
that your educated vote matters!
Especially in this crazy election year.  As
NHMRO members, you are some of the
most educated and savvy voters in our
fine state.    You understand that every
single vote matters.  You understand the
power of what grass-root initiatives can
do.  We have done it before!

NHMRO asks you give some time and
effort into this process, for the stakes are
high.  We need to ensure that those
individual who are ultimately elected, truly
represent our positions on important
issues that affect our daily lives and
lifestyle as motorcyclists.  To ensure that
you keep up on your knowledge of the
candidates, NHMRO has put together
some reminders, pointers, and tips to help

    •  In the primary we pick our final
    candidates for the November general
    election, minus the President.  These
    candidates picked in the primary will
    be our candidates representing us if
    they win in November.  This why it is
    so important that the candidates
    picked represent your positions on
    the issues.

    • We will be voting for US Senate,
    US Congress, Governor, Governor's
    Council, State Senators, State
    Representatives along with many
    county officials. Check out who is
    running for office by reading,
    listening to debates or just meeting
    them in person.

    • NHMRO also suggests that you
    also call or email any candidate about
    your concerns.  As a reminder, some
    of the issues that NHMRO has been
    watching are; use of Ethanol in fuel
    such as increasing the percentage to
    15%, freedom of choice when it
    comes to helmet use, distracted
    drivers, and generally getting
    educated on matters involving
    motorcycles – from motorcycle


    The New Hampshire Voter Guide
    2016:  The Live Free or Die Alliance
    in corporation with Citizens Count
    NH have created a mobile app for the
    iPhone and/or Android that is
    available for download on the iTunes
    Store or Google Apps.  It is great for
    identifying who is your local
     The AMA  Federal Action Center
    Website:  The American Motorcyclist
    Association has a great page on their
    website ((AMA Action Center)) or
    you can navigate from their home
    page ( ->
    rights -> AMA action center.

    what the media would have you
    believe, there are more than just two
    options for the presidential
    candidates!  This is an interesting
    website to help you sort through the
    presidential candidate by asking you
    a series of questions on what your
    position is on various topics.  Once
    you answer the questions, it will
    make your answers up against those
    of the presidential candidates to
    show you who is more in line with
    your positions.